Hoboken loses 12 parking spots

Thanks, Pearson! Hoboken loses 12 parking spots!

Hoboken loses 12 parking spots thanks to Pearson and bike lanes tooNow that construction has started on the big Pearson Education project down by the waterfront, not only do nearby residents have to endure the years of construction noise and debris – but Hoboken loses 12 parking spots to boot! Not only that – we also lost part of a bike lane, too! Oh, the humanity!

With parking at a bare minimum in Hoboken, something as seemingly minor as this “inconvenience” will still impact drivers, area businesses, and heck – even the city coffers as less parking tickets and boots can be issued (although they’ll just probably write more fake tickets they’re known for issuing to make up for it!)

It brings up an interesting question, though. Because the road was narrowed, and parking spots lost – does Pearson have to pay the city the daily “temporary no parking” rate of $40 per spot? That’s nearly $15,000 per month!

I’m sure if I moved a dumpy sofa in the middle of the road causing spots to be lost – they’d be all over me!

Do you think that large construction projects that cause quality of life issues for both residents and visitors should be handled differently? Maybe Pearson can hand out free parking for drivers in the garage next door? Or temporary parking hang tags to allow drivers to park on permit-parking restricted side streets?

There’s always something affecting our street parking in Hoboken…

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3 Comments on "Hoboken loses 12 parking spots"

2 years 11 months ago

The Hospital has had most of the 300 block of Clinton closed off since the hurricane hit. I’m not positive, but I would assume as is the case with the other waterfront buildings that there will be parking beneath the Pearsons building which will actually help our parking situation. I understand the frustration but this is what life is like living in an urban environment.

2 years 11 months ago

You are correct that some flexibility is needed living in a mile square city of 50k people. However, a small construction site around the corner from me has about 5 temp no parking signs for the whole week. If they can pay, than why can’t this other developer who will be using public space for their own benefit for probably a year or more? Toll Bros did the same thing when they built that last high rise up on Washington and 15th. They took over about 15 spots on the west side of Washington for the duration of the project.… Read more »

2 years 11 months ago

Parking is always an issue in urban areas and something you just have to live with, but I think the City of Hoboken can do more to help. Why can’t the City build more municipal garages? The western edge of town has plenty of spots. Behind the Monroe Center is currently an open parking lot. It would be a perfect location for a garage because it’s also near the light rail station. Or even the Shop Rite parking lot or one of the empty lots of land. Offer low monthly parking rates to encourage residents to park further away from… Read more »