BOA Hoboken set to “wow” this April 2013

BOA HobokenOnce the W Hotel opened, with it’s “Chandelier Room” venue – Hoboken didn’t really have much of an equivalent when it came to “high end” night club.

Take it for what it’s worth – but that hotel really kind of changed the landscape to many patrons. All the other “lounges” and clubs felt a bit sub-par according to the revelers Hoboken411 spoke with over the years.

That said – the owners of the former Lana Lounge recognized that fact – and have re-branded that space into the new BOA Hoboken nightclub. And from what we saw last week – the W Hotel should be shivering in their skin at the moment!

BOA nightclub Hoboken NJ replacing Lana Lounge

BOA raises the nightclub bar in Hoboken

The new BOA Hoboken will up the ante when it comes to urban “night life” for sure. In addition to the over 800 patron capacity, with 5 bar areas – they also feature something that we heard was a “first of it’s kind” in America. You’ve all seen special LCD windows that can “frost” out and change on the fly. But have you ever seen a glass structure that can do that, as well as display full HD video as well as computerized video patterns? Doubt it. Technicians direct from Korea installed this sick set of panels in BOA that will really bump up the competition in Hoboken, and even NYC for that matter!

As a super-bonus, top-notch designer Rob Feinstein from Studio One Architects – who we talked about yesterday (with his Soapbox furniture designs) is the lead creative brain behind the interior of BOA Hoboken.

He re-did the Lana Lounge way back in 1999, and has been commissioned again to do BOA. And from what we saw – this place is going to be hopping! Rob has a very unique, yet not “coattail riding” style that has to been seen to be appreciated. Very cool stuff going into this venue for sure.

Welcome to the hottest nightclub in Northeast New Jersey!

Boa Hoboken nighclub fills the spot at Lana Lounge


It’s official. The owners of the old Lana Lounge at 92 River Street are keeping this spot a nightclub! And hoping to open by March 1st of 2013 is Boa Hoboken. (Anyone hoping for a Brother Jimmy’s will just have to wait as they sniff around the area for a suitable spot.)

Boa Hoboken says every square inch of the new night club will be state of the art, with high tech lighting, a much larger space, and top of the line sound system.

Here’s more about this upcoming venue:

“Boa will be NJ’s newest and most exclusive nightclub. Boa will cater to all of NJ’s elite in nightlife. Boa will play host to the tri-state’s biggest DJ’s and will offer many different nights of entertainment and themes. At over 10,000 sq ft, Boa will also host private events from 1 to 1,000 people.”

Also, if you’re interested in working here, they’re hiring. Just email for more information.

Boa Hoboken Nightclub - 92 River Street Hoboken NJ

Description: Night Club
Address: 92 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD