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Trinity Bar – 306 Sinatra Drive – Hoboken, NJ

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Description – Restaurant – Irish/American/World cuisine, Bar & Lounge. Parkside /Waterside location. Trendy decor. Dinner price range $7 – $32. Entree price range $16-$24
Website –
Address – 306 Sinatra Drive, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone – (201) 533-4446

Review: Trinity Hoboken – June 2006


We only had less than an hour for lunch, so Trinity was on the list next.

Arriving just after 12:00, we had our choice of seating outside. It quickly filled up since it was a perfect day. By 12:30 most of the outdoor seating had been taken.

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Looking at the daily specials (and also reminding myself of my total BAN on bacon cheeseburgers), I made a decision to try the grilled chicken with broccoli and rice ($12). Little did I know it was based in a soy / chicken broth base. While rather flavorful, it was very salty. The chicken was prepared well, but my puffiness rating after the meal was 9/10.

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My friends ordered the Seared Salmon ($9) and the Caesar Salad ($7).

She raved about the salmon dish. It was served over spinach and accompanied by a roasted tomato and based in a balsamic vinagrette. Perfect, yet not too heavy or over-filling.

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The caesar salad was basic, served with shaved parmesan cheese and a giant baked parmesan crouton slab. She enjoyed this next-to-impossible to screw up dish. Seven bucks for a little iceberg lettuce and 1/2 ounce of cheese is a bit of a ripoff really. But enjoyable nonetheless.

trinity ceasar salad.JPG

Overall, the meal was without problems. We were in and out in 45 minutes, and our server was adequate.

Don’t forget, Trinity is one of the more hopping places in Hoboken these days, and is usually packed on the weekends. If you are planning on checking it out, get there a bit earlier than you normally would, or else you’ll probably not get a spot at the bar.

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  1. Easy-E says:

    [quote comment=”74073″][quote comment=”72089″]Has anyone been to Mile Square lately? It used to be one of my go-to places but I stopped going a couple years ago when the food and service took a nose dive. Any chance it’s improved at all? Considering when I walk by it seems to be pretty empty I doubt it but thought I’d ask.

    BTW went to Trinity for brunch last weekend on a strong recommendation from friends and thought it was pretty good. They were specifically talking about the french toast but I got a burger, so the FT may in fact be outstanding, I have yet to try it. Service seemed a little slow but that may have been because I was starving.[/quote]

    mile square has recently added to my shun list. besides a shitty meal, i received not once, but twice, the worst pint of guinness i have ever seen. it was more than half head! i can’t belive the barteneder let it go out, or that the waitress brought it. i returned it personally to th ebar the second time and just said it is unacceotable and got a bottle of something. There are just too many options in town to go out of my way for a shoddy time[/quote]

    Mile Square used to be an OK place to have a meal.

    These days it smells like an moldy, beer soaked jock strap in there. I went there (reluctantly) for a drink recently and almost gagged at the smell. I don’t know who took that place over, but it went to be a pretty nice place to a dump in a couple years.

    There is no way in hell I would get anything to eat there now.

    It’s pretty much a mating bower for all of the awkward Stevens Engineering students. Creepy…

  2. nbm3 says:

    Mile square used to be nice, but now it’s just depressing to even go in it. Dark and drab, stinky, and pretty empty compared to how packed it used to get. Absentee ownership i guess???

  3. British Hairways says:

    I was pleasantly surprised by Trinity’s Sunday brunch when I went a few weeks back. My perception of the place was that it would be overpriced, mediocre food, but I thought it was a solid meal and reasonably priced, plus a great view. I liked the bacon cheeseburger and my dining companion spoke highly of the salmon wrap.

  4. Beerio says:

    Hey guys, Trinity has a lounge. Is it trendy like NYC lounges or is it more “old-school” furniture?

    Also, I plan to be here w/ a date at 9 to 930PM this Fri or Sat after dinner, just to chill and drink. Is that too late to get seats at the lounge area?

    Thanks in advance (never been there but have researched online). :)

  5. melham39 says:

    I have never had a worse dining experience then when I recently had dinner here on friday night. I brought my fiance and my future inlaws who were in from out of town here hoping to impress them with the view but they were so distracted by the cold entrees and mice/rats (im not sure) that were running around the restaurant they didnt even notice. I felt sorry for our waitress as she was very accomodating and embarassed. She and the busboys tried to make the best of it but it was obvious they have dealt with this problem many times in the past. I asked to speak with the manager and was told he (who is also an owner) was bartending. (?) We waited patiently at our table but he just never came over. My Fiance went up to the bar to get his attention but he was ignored. Instead of waiting any longer and sitting in this disgusting vermon invested restaurant we paid our bill and left. We went down the street to 340 and luckily it was a pleasant experience. If you’re looking for the view AND good food I highly recommend 340 and would discourage anyone from going to trinity.

  6. dmag says:

    Wow, I am bummed. I lived in Hoboken for years. I moved out a fee years ago. I really likrd Sheena, her husband Jim, and Trinity. I hope they get a good deal. So sad it’s closing. It’s not the oldest place in Hoboken, but it was one of my goodies : ) Sheena actually inspired me to write a book. I’ve been working on it gradually over the years, and my convo with her was in’04 or ’05.

  7. homeworld says:

    So is Trinity really closing or not? Weren’t the owners of Trinity responsible for the closing of Oddfellows, too?

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