Hoboken double parking is still illegal even if it involves your kids

I don’t know what has happened to our entitled society here in Hoboken.

It appears that there is no such thing as “walking to school” anymore these days. With all the paranoia propagated by the media and other sources (movies, urban legends, etc.), it appears that kids are now more fragile than a porcelain egg.

One problem that has certainly gotten worse in the last 5 years, is the obnoxious double-parking that happens at arrival and dismissal times at many Hoboken Schools. In particular, Wallace School, The Hudson School as well as Brandt School.

Why is double parking OK when you pick your kids up in Hoboken?

My observations are as such:

  • It’s insane how many parents feel the need to pick up their kids. On nice days, to boot.
  • Why is this double parking not enforced by HPD? Sometimes there are even squad cars standing by (i.e., traffic control).
  • Double parking is illegal according to city code, why do parents get a break, and not hungry customers picking up food to-go? Or lovers looking for a quickie?

Many newcomers in town bash the area near Benny Tudino’s (it’s a perpetual double-parking love-fest), yet feel no shame when “Ashley” or “Jayden” are involved. After all, it is their precious kid! When it involves you, it cannot be wrong, right?

I can suspect that these very same parents, if blocked in by a double-parker when they’re running late to (double park) and pick up their own kid – would have the nerve to get miffed by the predicament. Only to have no concern about the person they’re about to potentially block in themselves.

One thing I can safely bet is, that if our city cracked down on school double parking (which is just as unsafe – if not worse than spotty double parking elsewhere), it would be political suicide for the Mayor – which is why this will continue ad infinitum.

Hey – I just coined a phrase: “Kiddiepocricy!”