Park and Garden Hoboken coming in 2015 (spring)

park and garden Hoboken NJ Bijou PropertiesIn case you haven’t noticed – the old Park on Park building is in the progress of being demolished.

Going up next is a project from Bijou Properties called Park and Garden Hoboken. They have this to say about the new ultra-quality building to be:

“Located at 1415 Park Avenue, Park Place is an approved twelve story, 212-unit residential and commercial development. Park Place will boast a rare combination of luxury amenities, New York City views, LEED-certified green design, and an absolutely prime Uptown Hoboken location.

With views of the Hudson River and New York City, Park Place will be one of the most desirable apartment buildings in Hoboken. Within walking distance of the property are ferry services to Manhattan, parks, running trails, popular restaurants, child care services, cultural activities, and abundant shopping options. An ideal distribution of unit sizes will allow professionals, empty-nesters, and families to find luxury space tailored right to their needs.”

Hoboken First at Park and Garden: Cogeneration

One interesting aspect I discovered about Park and Garden Hoboken (which is scheduled to be completed in 2015), is a “Cogeneration” plant that has been designed into the structure.

This natural-gas powered apparatus will provide a quality of life feature that is not only the first of it’s kind in Hoboken, but provides a tremendous benefit to residents.

How it works basically – is this roof-mounted (yet quiet) engine is powered by natural gas (which is significantly cheaper than electricity) and as it spins – will generate electricity to offset power usage at all common areas in the building (including the elevator), and hot water for each and every resident. This means that if we have another Hurricane Sandy – the tenants would be able to still have some amenities (like outlets to charge their phones), use of the elevator – and hot showers. Very cool, and I’m looking forward to see this device in action!

Talk to Bijou if you want top-notch Hoboken Real Estate

To most people, they see new buildings going up, and they don’t put much thought into who’s actually behind the whole process. They might even look the same as construction plugs along, thinking “another Real Estate project in Hoboken.”

However, there is a HUGE difference between buildings, developers and companies in town. Some crank out maximum coverage and density with somewhat questionable build quality, while others like Bijou Properties actually have a strong passion for building great, sustainable properties – and it shows.

Bijou has begun picking up steam here in Hoboken. Their first project was the renovation of the Hostess Building uptown, which houses CVS, NYSC and Chase Bank. That’s the one with the green roof that is home to the Bijou Birds!

Next, they developed the old Coconut Factory into Garden Street Lofts – Hoboken’s first LEED Gold rating.

And finishing up soon is Edge Lofts – which will be the first Platinum LEED for Homes certified building in Hoboken, featuring over 100 solar panels on the roof which power common building areas.

Not only would you have a solid development team behind your home – you have a chance at retaining a higher value property compared to similar units in Hoboken. You can learn more at

Description: Park and Garden Hoboken. LEED Platinum Certification. Occupancy 2015.
Address: 1415 Park Avenue, Hoboken, NJ 07030