Paranoid of dogs?

Is it bad Hoboken dog owners – or people who just hate dogs?

Was on my rounds yesterday, and spotted this odd sign on 6th Street between Grand & Adams. It caught my eye, because I’ve never seen one like it: “No dogs allowed in driveway.”

I asked my brother (and his dog Norton – f.k.a. “Paulie”), “What the heck is this sign? No one can walk their dogs in the confines of this driveway? How asinine is that?”

He speculated, since this was a parking lot to a cookie-cutter condo building, that some area neighbors have been treating this spot (which has a minor patch of “dirt & grass”) as a mini-dog run.

We noticed soon after discovering this sign, that we were being spied on through the curtains by this “angry” lady on the 2nd floor of the building. We had no desire to walk our pooches into this lot, but it was spooky that this angry lady was staring at us as if our dogs deposited radioactive waste or something.

We stared back for a few minutes wondering what her issues were – but then just became creeped-out and continued walking.

Attention area dog owners: You have a lady here that is watching you!!

(PS – a better sign would have been “private property” in my opinion…)

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5 Comments on "Paranoid of dogs?"

3 years 19 days ago

There’s a white building on the 7-block of Grand Street (I think 706 Grand Street) that has signs posted all over the garage door that it is private property and not to let your dogs do their business near the house. It also has signs warning against even pulling in front of their garage to idle your car……. not even warning about parking, but not to stand in front of the driveway. I’ve witnessed the residents of this building come out and throw water on a dog that urinated on their bush. I’ve also seen them come out and take… Read more »

3 years 19 days ago

You can often tell the good dog owners from the bad, based on where they let their pets do their business. Some owners really are great trainers, others should have hired a trainer. Personally, I love dogs but I hate dodging piss puddles, turds and skid marks as I navigate the sidewalk. Take off the dog-owner filter, put on the homeowner filter, and imagine someone letting their dog take a leak on your front gate or on the bushes you care for (every morning). It would be interesting for H411 to do a piece on sidewalk etiquette; including pedestrians, bikes,… Read more »

3 years 19 days ago

This picture gives me the jumps! I know exactly where this driveway and building are and the signs featured in this photo are indicative of a good plan of action. This is a curious location, not a joke about it.

3 years 19 days ago

What if all the parents with kids threw their used diapers into your garbage can everyday? How cute that would be huh? Just like people with no kids can get mad at those with strollers, non-dog owners can be mad when a dog pisses on their steps, or does diarrhea on their sidewalk. I am sure this person who went through the trouble of having a sign made and installed did it only after several irresponsible dog owners did the late night don’t pick up the shit knowing they will not get caught trick. I am sure if a bunch… Read more »

3 years 15 days ago

Those people have been jerks about dogs for a long time. My dog passing by just stopped to sniff their grass and they were outside and yelled at me and my dog. When I pointed out she wasn’t even going to the bathroom on their precious plot of grrass they carried on about how they don’t want dogs near their property, this and that. Its not new, is my point. For whatever reason they have increased the signage though, that part is new.