Is it bad Hoboken dog owners – or people who just hate dogs?

Was on my rounds yesterday, and spotted this odd sign on 6th Street between Grand & Adams. It caught my eye, because I’ve never seen one like it: “No dogs allowed in driveway.”

I asked my brother (and his dog Norton – f.k.a. “Paulie”), “What the heck is this sign? No one can walk their dogs in the confines of this driveway? How asinine is that?”

He speculated, since this was a parking lot to a cookie-cutter condo building, that some area neighbors have been treating this spot (which has a minor patch of “dirt & grass”) as a mini-dog run.

We noticed soon after discovering this sign, that we were being spied on through the curtains by this “angry” lady on the 2nd floor of the building. We had no desire to walk our pooches into this lot, but it was spooky that this angry lady was staring at us as if our dogs deposited radioactive waste or something.

We stared back for a few minutes wondering what her issues were – but then just became creeped-out and continued walking.

Attention area dog owners: You have a lady here that is watching you!!

(PS – a better sign would have been “private property” in my opinion…)