Hoboken sidewalk signs – some are good, others not so much!

There are tons of sandwich board signs peppering the streets of Hoboken. Mostly to “advertise” local businesses, display menus, or announce specials, etc. Sometimes they get a bit out of control and clutter the sidewalk, but for the most part they’re manageable.

But while most bars usually display stuff like “shot specials,” Louise & Jerry’s stands out as one of the best and most creative in town. Always a witty or smart-alec kind of phrase… I get a nice chuckle each time I see them.

One of my favorites was during the Summer Olympics – where they offered “Synchronized Drinking.”

See other recent signs below:

Some Hoboken sandwich board signs lack creativity

On the contrary – below is a sign so unoriginal out in front of Rogo’s Bar: “We R Open.”

Probably caters to the txt msg gnRation type crowd.