Church Square Park {in disrepair}

Wow, didn’t Church Square Park JUST get re-done? Boy, those brainiacs at City Hall sure know how to pick winners!

The playground artificial surface already being ripped out. WTF?

Regardless if this was “an area in need of repair,” why can’t they fill this “safe rubbery surface” instead of replacing it? God forbid junior falls on the one square inch of surface that isn’t soft and cushy. Man, when we were kids there was none of this over-protective BS on the ground. I guess that’s why finding a “real” man will become a rarity in the future.

Church Square Park in Hoboken NJ already in disrepair

Less parks in Hoboken, NJ – More playgrounds!

1/16/2013 Update:

Over the past couple weeks, Hoboken411 has received many emails from residents regarding Church Square Park.

The general tone basically boils down to how astounded people are at how much of the useful “open space” has been transformed into what is now essentially a giant kiddie park.

One reader even suggested renaming the “park” to Church Square Playground.

(Oh and we already mentioned another case of “scope creep” that takes place regularly here when it comes to city contracts. They all of a sudden realized they need tens of thousands of more property taxpayer dollars for these toys…)