60 Second Review: Chipotle Grill

Chipotle Grill offers fresh “fast food” in Hoboken, NJ

Hoboken411 is generally against most “chain” type operations. Because we feel that “greed” and profits typically get in the way of actually offering something nutritious and without chemical additives, preservatives and GMO ingredients.

But according to the story behind Chipotle Mexican Grill – they seem to want to do things right: “It’s our promise to run our business in a way that doesn’t exploit animals, people or the environment. It is the philosophy that guides every decision we make at Chipotle,” says Founder and CEO Steve Ells.

With that said – I’ll choose to believe (for now) the the products are indeed of a much better quality. Maybe a tour of one of their processing facilities is in order!

Chiptole Mexican Grill lets you customize every meal

The thing I love about this place (have tried it out a few times now) is the fact that the food not only looks and tastes fresh – but is tailored exactly the way you want it.

You can have your chips, tacos and burritos – or if you live the low carb life – just get a salad bowl with delicious fatty meats, cheeses, guacamole and sour cream.

I found the flavor of the meats fairly good, and when mashed all together is quite a satiating meal for around $9 or $10. Turnaround time hovers around 3 minutes on average, which is great for people on the go.

The restaurant has a steady level of customers during the day – even at off-peak times, which is testament to how people perceive the quality and value.

Do you enjoy Chipotle Mexican Grill?

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  1. 212transplant says:

    We’ve generally enjoyed Chipotle in the past. But something disturbed us when we went this past weekend. The latest flu epidemic and everyone coughing made us realize how close these sick customers are to the food. I couldn’t eat there and left after seeing this disgusting guy hacking and wheezing in front of us.

  2. HansBrix says:

    They don’t want to “exploit… people.” Really.

    Yet this organization has admitted to hiring thousands of illegal aliens because the Chipotle business model won’t work if they were to pay market clearing wages for native born Americans. They are essentially using the same argument that pre Civil War plantation owners used to justify slavery.

    “We neeeed our stoop labor. This way society pays the social costs while we keep the profits. How cool is that?”

    Beware the organization that loudly claims the moral high ground. Self praise is no recommendation.

  3. BokenMike says:

    Qdoba is way better.

    • IAmTheLaw says:

      Qdoba also doesn’t make you sh*t your pants. I find it hard to believe that Chipotle doesn’t use any chemicals or other additives when they’re so infamous for gastric upset that South Park lampoons them with “Chipotlaway”…[quote comment=”219087″]Qdoba is way better.[/quote]

      • HomeTeam says:

        Exactly. Guac is not the color in the photo without a whole lot of chemicals and fillers making it that way.[quote comment=”219099″]Qdoba also doesn’t make you sh*t your pants. I find it hard to believe that Chipotle doesn’t use any chemicals or other additives when they’re so infamous for gastric upset that South Park lampoons them with “Chipotlaway”…[/quote]

  4. Mitch Ultimato says:

    HansBrix, probably half the food establishments in Hoboken and everywhere else in America hire illegals. You think all those delivery guys and kitchen staff are citizens? Are you going to boycott them all? Get used to it–they’re doing work that “native born Americans” don’t want to do so that you can have a cheap burrito. Maybe if the government makes it easier for them to become citizens, they won’t have to remain illegals. But then the price of your food will go up. Sucks how that works, huh?

  5. HansBrix says:

    1. Im well aware of reataurants’ love of slave labor. I boycott all establishments where its obvious.

    2. Chipoltle has the audacity to claim the moral high ground which they don’t occupy.

    3. “Do the job americans won’t do” is a misdirection. The sentence should read “they do the jobs americans won’t do…for the breathtakingly low wages these employers want to get away with with.” The same thing is happening in sklled professions. Google “h1b visa fraud” to get an idea. Maybe you think a low wage usa would be a good thing. I dont.

    4. If thegovernmen makes them legal they too will demand higher wages so Chipolte will need a new crop of slaves. Meanwhile the old crop will start inviting their extended family members to come enjoy all the benefits that a welfare state has to offer.

  6. nbm3 says:

    Then your burrito or cheeseburger willl end up costing you $25

    • HansBrix says:

      Oh right. It’s like that $25 head of lettuce myth. Repeat it enough times and it becomes “truth.”

      I remember how we struggled 25 years ago with crushingly expensive fast food since mainly citizens were employed by those companies.

      [quote comment=”219097″]Then your burrito or cheeseburger willl end up costing you $25[/quote]

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