Dog hate morphing into graffiti vandalism in Hoboken!

Wow this stretch of First Street downtown is really “going all in” when it comes to how clear they’re making their dog hate known.

They’ve lowered themselves to defacing the sidewalks with messages for dog owners. While I do see their logic (because no one looks up anymore since they’re on their phones), it’s still pretty much vandalism.

Maybe when they pass and come back in another life – perhaps they’ll be reincarnated as a pooch!

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Dog hate in Hoboken finds new lows!

8/28/2013 Update:

Thought this was a funny update… there’s a particular stretch of First Street that has no love for Hoboken’s dogs, with signs essentially showing the “dog ban” logo.

However, now even graffiti on lamp posts also goes negative towards the pooches!

As you can see – Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar’s buddy Norton didn’t appreciate it one bit:

Dog hate in Hoboken NJ no dogs graffiti

Hateful Hoboken Dog Sign


Every time I’m on First St. downtown, this particular sign ticks me off.

The person responsible for putting this sign up must have a strong hatred towards the four-legged friends in Hoboken.

For one – it has a symbol that essentially suggests “no dogs,” or “dogs prohibited,” which is 100% not the case in town. Then it reads “sidewalks are for people,” and goes on to say to clean up after your pet.

What about bikes, massive strollers, and motorized wheelchairs? And how come they’re not asking for people to clean up their own steaming piles of vomit that are left on the sidewalks each and every weekend? Or blood from nonsensical street fights?

I think this person has their priorities screwed up!