Useless police calls

Homeless trying to survive – would you call Hoboken Police?

One day last week – Hoboken Police were requested by a resident who called them saying “a homeless man is rifling through the garbage.”

Pictures of the guy are below. And by the time cops arrived – he had long been gone.

Why do people call the cops for stuff like this? Wouldn’t you want the dwindling police force we have to be available for more important jobs?

3 Responses

  1. john14 says:

    Because people have too much time on their hands, and expect others to do the work.

  2. Mbattle76 says:

    Because some people prefer someone breaking into a home or car or selling drugs. This guy is taking someones garbage. Leave him alone.

  3. homeworld says:

    Jokes on him. The cans are probably full of dog crap.

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