Fire near Hoboken Homeless Shelter wrecks cars

Here’s an eyewitness report from that car fire that took place in the wee hours today:

The charred scene on 3rd Street – A red sedan was totaled and carted away.

Did Milton start the fire?

“A big fire started last night/early this am at around 3:15am in front of the Hoboken homeless shelter, at 3rd Street between. Bloomfield and Garden Streets. We first heard a loud pop and then looked out the window and saw flames shoot 20 feet high, at least. The fire ignited the garbage bags sitting along the sidewalks that have been there for 2-3 days.

The fire then ignited a nearby red sedan (brand new) and the gas tank caught on fire. As for the fire, we saw a guy that looked similar to the “Office Space” pyro (the “where’s my stapler?” guy) not kidding, walking around aimlessly, so if anyone sees someone resembling him, milling the streets, looking suspicious, contact Police.”

See? Parking in a garage is always the best option! And if you see that guy – give HPD a call at (201)420-2100.

A girl had her melted car towed away this afternoon.

Always be alert!