Eli Manning given honorary NJ PBA Lifetime Membership

Did you know that this past summer, NY Giants Quarterback Eli Manning was awarded a “NJ State PBA Honorary Life Membership Silver Card” by the Hoboken Policemen’s Benevolent Association?

Hoboken PBA Trustee Marc Marsi, Eli Manning and Vince Lombardi display his Honorary Lifetime NJ Silver PBA Card

Lombardi: Lifetime NJ PBA honorees highly respected

The Hoboken PBA (Local No. 2), which represents all rank and file Hoboken Police Officers “takes great pride and restraint nominating individuals for this honorary award,” said PBA President Vince Lombardi. He added that “in more than five decades, we have only awarded about two dozen honorary lifetime cards to civilians. It is a highly coveted membership, and card-holders are treated with the utmost courtesy and respect by all in the law enforcement community.”

(Photo captions for above)

  1. Eli examines his proclamation from Hudson County Freeholder Anthony Romano for his charitable work while PBA Charity Events Committee Chairwoman Sgt Melissa Gigante looks on.
  2. Closeup of Eli Manning’s Life Membership NJ PBA Card.
  3. Eli enjoys the moment with PBA President Lombardi.
  4. Manning proudly flashing his new PBA Silver Card along with Marsi and Lombardi.
  5. PBA President Lombardi presents Manning with custom PBA Life Membership Plaque.

Selecting Eli Manning was a “no brainer”

When asked why the Hoboken PBA chose Manning, Lombardi said “It was a no brainer. In the past five years, Eli has not only proven himself on the gridiron as a two-time winning Super Bowl Quarterback, but as a genuinely selfless humanitarian.”

Lombardi noted how Manning had consistently assisted the Local No. 2 organization in multiple charitable fund raising efforts over the years.

Eli Manning greets the late Retired Det Sgt Vince Lombardi HPD while PBA President Vince, Jr. looks on

Manning provides assistance in raising money for charity

“With Eli’s primary assistance, in donating autographed memorabilia, during our 2009, 2010, 2011 Annual PBA Comedy Night & Tricky Tray, we have managed to raise and donate nearly $50,000 to worthy causes such as; the NJ Rett Syndrome Association, The Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research and Hoboken Adopt-A-Soldier to name just a few,” said Lombardi.

In a private presentation at the Hudson Tea Building, Lombardi concluded his proclamation to Manning by saying “I am proud to bestow the highest civilian award of recognition from NJ’s Largest Union of Law Enforcement Officers, an Honorary Life Membership in the Local 2 of the New Jersey State P.B.A. Thank you Eli, for not only entertaining us on the field but for bringing hope and help to those in need here and abroad.”

Congrats, Eli, on this most prestigious recognition!