Have you been mistreated by Hertz 24/7 employees?

Hoboken411 reader Andrew recently had some tough times with Hertz 24/7 here in Hoboken.

“I’d like to share an awful experience with the Hoboken community regarding Hertz 24/7.

Hertz 24/7My personal vehicle was totaled in Hurricane Sandy and my fiancee and I decided to subscribe to the Hertz 24/7 program rather than replace our car. The pricing seemed a bit better than ZipCar so we decided to give it a shot. It has been an awful experience and we’re canceling our membership immediately. Here’s what happened to us to push us over the edge.

Two weeks ago we had planned to visit my brother and his family in New Rochelle to celebrate Christmas together. We’d booked a car in advance under my fiancees account and the night before they canceled it on us. When we called they said there were mechanical issues with the vehicle. They couldn’t get a replacement vehicle for us, the best they could do is find a car in Paramus for us to use (how the heck am I going to get to Paramus to get this car?) After screaming at their customer service rep we were offered a $25 credit for our inconvenience (gee thanks). Had to cancel on my brother and his family because the PATH was still down and taking a bus to Port Authority then train from GCT just was too much for us, we needed the convenience of the car.

So we finally had rescheduled to visit my brothers family and celebrate Christmas, and once again, Hertz 24/7 comes through in the clutch with a giant let down. Our car we booked, which we booked well in advance was scheduled to be on First and Washington. My fiancée received an email stating it would be in the parking garage at 215 Hudson (no problem I understand concerns with New Years Eve and people parked wherever they wanted in town). So we went to the garage at 215 Hudson and we searched up and down all 5 floors of the garage 4 times, and our car was not there! My fiancee called customer service and they said “our GPS is indicating the car is there, sorry.” After searching one more time up and down 5 floors, all while carrying heavy Christmas presents for my nieces, we did not find our car.

“Sorry, there is nothing I can do,” – Hertz blames customers

Hertz 24/7“My fiancee is really ticked at this point so I call customer service to deal with this. I asked them to put me in another car in Hoboken “Great no problem, there’s a Jeep on 1st and Jefferson I can put you in. The difference for this vehicle is an additional $58.” Ok why should I have to pay more than my original booking? It’s not my fault the car I reserved isn’t located where it should be, so I’m being penalized an extra $58, I could’ve just rented a car from Enterprise Rent a Car for the day if I was going to spend $108. The customer service rep replied “I’m sorry there’s nothing I can do in the system to credit you, and it’s not our fault your car isn’t there, it’s the previous driver’s.”

Ok at this point I didn’t care about anything I feel like I’m running out of options and I just want to go see my family, brace yourself, you’re going to be amazed with the quality customer care from these people:

I told the rep to just book it, whatever I’ll pay the additional $58, I just want to go see my family. “I’m sorry I can’t book this for you unless you have another form of payment because our computer won’t authorize 2 bookings at once.” So due to their archaic booking system I couldn’t even book another car to replace the reserved one that didn’t exist. So I asked them to book it under my account and this is the best part of the whole story, the customer service rep replies “Ohh the existing reservation you’re trying to find is not under your name? We’re sorry, for security reasons we’re going to have to suspend both you and your fiancées accounts.”

As somebody who works in customer service I couldn’t believe how worthless these people were in helping us. Not to mention were subscribing to this program as people who suffered the loss of our car after Sandy, and trying to get together with family for the holidays, it’s not like I just needed the car to go grocery shopping. After trying to explain our situation to the customer service rep she simply replied, “I’m sorry Sir there’s nothing I can do to help you”.

I’m not sure what types of experiences other people have with Hertz 24/7, but please feel free to post my story to your website and pass along to any and everybody in the Hoboken community, I wouldn’t wish this terrible experience on anybody.”

Now do you see the problem with “car sharing?”

We will never live in a perfect world, where everyone acts the same, thinks the same, and behaves according to the rules – which is why car-sharing programs like Hertz 24/7 and ZipCar are very prone to problems. At least Avis bought Zipcar for $500 Million recently – so perhaps they will expand more in town to give drivers improved options – and maybe the increased competition will help services.

The issue with this “just in time” scheduling of cars is that there is very little room for human error – and while maintaining the ability to provide good customer service. This is why Hertz 24/7 employees are probably such assholes – because they’re working within a FLAWED system, and are simply frustrated with the irate customers it creates. If Hertz covered all contingencies for mistakes – the hourly cost would go up tremendously. I’ve already seen the prices creep up steadily. Very costly to rent on the weekend for longer periods.

Have you had issues with Hertz 24/7? How about compared to Zipcar?