Dave Roberts Mantaloking home to be demolished

Did you know that Hurricane Sandy created two new permanent inlets in Mantaloking, NJ where roads and homes once existed?

Regardless – former Hoboken Mayor Dave Roberts home on Lyman Street still remains 200 feet from the shore, and is set to finally be demolished on Thursday, May 2, 2013.

Wonder who his builder was? Amazing that it not only withstood the storm without collapsing, but managed to stay in the water this long!

Former Hoboken Mayor Roberts beach house trashed by Sandy


Hoboken had it bad from Hurricane Sandy, without a doubt. And you know the flooding damage from our outdated sewage system was bound to happen (all while the city focuses more on bike lanes and playground equipment.)

But other areas were affected quite badly – including Mantoloking – where former Hoboken Mayor David Roberts had a shore home. His property was essentially relocated to the middle of the bay!

Hurricane Sandy “redevelops” Mantoloking, NJ

Mantoloking Mayor George Nebel had this to say about the aftermath in their city:

“There is little question that this October storm is the most damaging Mantoloking has ever experienced. A walk through town shortly after the storm revealed two locations where the ocean had broken through the beach, leveled houses in its path, and created new inlets from the ocean to the bay. These new inlets are at Lyman Street and Herbert Street – both areas where roads previously extended from the ocean to the bay.

At least 20 houses on the beach are gone and just as many in inland areas. Most roads are covered with sand and debris and there is still water standing in many low-lying areas.

The most serious damage has been sustained at and near the new inlets. A few areas such as Lagoon Lane and Runyon Lane have been, relatively speaking, spared.”