“Shopping Local” in Hoboken, NJ – what does that mean?

After hurricane Sandy – the biggest catch phrase of the year immediately became “shop local!!”

“Support local businesses now!”, “Help Hoboken rebuild!” And so on…

What reasons do you have for shopping local? What makes it hard?

But how many of you really got off the popular opinion train for a minute and asked yourself what in God’s name does shopping local mean exactly? What good does it do?

If you think about it – shopping local doesn’t always fit, and shouldn’t really be so widely accepted as being beneficial for a city. Just because it sounds like a warm and fuzzy thing to do, doesn’t mean it always is.

Real local shopping in my opinion, would be only the following: Local resident, selling products made locally, and employing locals. But that’s not realistic now, is it?

But is it truly shopping local if the business here in town sells things made in China? Or if the owner didn’t live here?

Do we want to support “local” businesses just to prevent the “big corporations” from taking over the city? To maintain that “charm?”

Does shopping locally limit you only to the town you live in? Or any “small business” in any town in the country? Is it big businesses vs. the little guys?

Besides shopping locally, why don’t we have mobs of residents asking landlords to support local businesses by making the rent more affordable? Where do you draw the line? Landlords are technically local businesses, too!

Lastly – while I’m personally a fan of countless local businesses in town, and shop at them almost every single day of the year – not every resident can afford to shop local. It truly is a shame that some people are forced to shop at the Walmarts of the world to clothe and feed their families.

How would you fix the situation where small local business would be the #1 place to shop for all people, regardless of income level?