Church Square Park apparatus looks like trouble

Adding on to the photo post from last week, what is the first thing you think about when you see the photo below taken at Church Square Park?

Is a massive rope gym a good or bad thing in Hoboken?

My feelings are mixed about it. Initially, I thought “Wow, they’ve come a long way with playground equipment since I was a kid. We’d have to go to Action Park for stuff like this! What a blast!”

Then upon further inspection – and the sheer height of this monstrous contraption (at least 15 feet or more), I began to wonder what kind of disastrous injuries might happen to kids (especially if dozens of them are hyper-actively going berserk simultaneously?)

At the very least, I suspect sprains and other minor injuries, like fingers getting caught, etc. And at the very worst – it’s possible some kid will take massive fall, and hurt his neck as they get caught up in the ropes like a rag-doll.

Imagine someone gets paralyzed using this?