Graffiti smack down: Grounded Hoboken boat after Sandy

I’m sure by now, many of you already saw that leftist graffiti scribbled on the boat that washed ashore in Hoboken after Hurricane Sandy.

Some person (most likely closer to “youth” than “experienced”) wrote on the boat “Global Warming is Real…”

And we can be certain they haven’t done any real research or written a dissertation about it, that’s for sure. The person that wrote the original graffiti should have written “I believe what’s fed to me from mainstream media, my idiot Facebook friends, and politicians looking to funnel public money…”

But I was happy to see that someone didn’t want to tolerate this nonsensical message any longer, and grabbed a Sharpie of their own – and “extended” the moronic message to make it more realistic: “Global Warming is real, and so is Santa Claus!

Bravo to whomever put the original idiot in their place.

Have a good weekend!