Ash Cigars

Ash Cigars – 203 Washington St. – Hoboken, NJ

Here’s how Ash Cigars looks as of January 2014. Not bad, right?

Ash Fine Cigars Hoboken NJ 203 Washington Street

Ash Cigars – 203 Washington St. – Hoboken, NJ

12/6/2012 Update:

Unlike dry cleaners, nail salons and yogurt shops – Hoboken certainly didn’t have too many cigar shops. With just two others located on Hudson and River Streets, the owners of Ash Cigars felt like they could make a living at their new spot at 203 Washington Street.

Run by two local Hudson County residents, they have a wide array of cigars and accessories – including ones they roll themselves with tobacco leaves from the Dominican Republic.

We don’t necessarily dig these things, but they definitely have a steady stream of customers. Ash Cigars is open 9am to 9pm, and later on Fridays and Saturdays. The downstairs “smoking lounge” will be open in the next few weeks.

Cigar stores are the only places in Hoboken you can smoke inside (including cigarettes).

Description: Cigar Store
Address: 203 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)683-7484
Online: www.ashcigars.comFacebook

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I am the guy who you spoke to when you stopped by Ash Cigars.
Apparently I had spoken out of turn.
There will not be a cigar lounge and cigar smoking is forbidden in the shop.
Sorry to have given you this misinformation.