Attempted Carjacking in Hoboken!

Man robbed at gunpoint near Maxwell Place in Hoboken, NJ

10pm Update: See comments section. Man was still robbed at gunpoint, but was slick to prevent car theft.

Found out that earlier today – a man was robbed of his SUV at gunpoint near Maxwell Place uptown!

From what I heard, two “well dressed” black males approached this man, who is a trainer at a local gym and was meeting a client – brandished a gun, and forced him to hand over his brand new Jeep Cherokee and drove away. Police are currently investigating this theft.

Crazy – you’d think that our affluent waterfront community would be free of such crimes – with a dense population, video cameras, 24 hour doormen and routine police patrols. I guess that’s one of the many downsides when everyone is heads-down looking at their nonsensical status updates.

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  1. hoboken411 says:

    Got more details about this crime. The man was still robbed at gunpoint, however the thief did NOT get away with the car. The victim was smart enough to trigger the panic button on his car remote – which then caused the alleged perpetrator to flee the scene with only the items he was able to rob from the victim’s person. No car was stolen.

    Still doesn’t make GUNPOINT robbery any less significant. Just less car insurance paperwork to deal with.

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