John Apostolakos

Hoboken Photographer Ian Wilson of snapped one of the last pictures of John Apostolakos before he passed away.

It was just days after Hurricane Sandy, as he was talking to the local businesses in the area (Nick’s Candy, Uptown Liquors, etc.) and how they were affected by the storm.

Because of the power loss, John had lost his inventory, and had the usual issues with insurance claims and so on. He was eager to get the business back and operational as soon as possible.

The neighbors are sad because of the loss – and a small candlelight tribute has been placed in front of the store in his memory.

Uptown Bagels owner in Hoboken DOA


Got sad news that John, the owner of Uptown Bagels on 14th Street in Hoboken was found dead in the bathroom of his shop earlier this morning.

He was a sweet, hard working fella who tried his best – despite battling various illnesses. We’ll miss him a lot.