Will free parking boost Hoboken economy?

Letter: Hoboken residents and visitors deserve free parking

Hoboken council members Theresa Castellano and Michael Russo will be presenting a great idea at tonight’s city council meeting to stimulate the local economy – especially after Hurricane Sandy – and the failed Small Business Saturday.

Do you think this plan would work? Or does Mayor Dawn Zimmer need to keep stuffing city coffers so she can give out more pay raises to her friends in the administration during fledgling financial times?

Free parking in Hoboken during December

First Ward City Councilwoman Theresa Castellano, and Third Word Councilman Michael Russo tonight will ask the city administration to suspend on-street parking regulations, for the entire month of December.

Traditionally, the City provides free holiday parking in the weeks prior to Christmas, but the council members believe the gesture should be extended for the entire month in response to super storm Sandy in October.

“Businesses are hurting and we don’t expect PATH service in Hoboken to resume until possibly mid-December,” said Councilwoman Castellano, who owns and operates City Discount on Washington Street. “We need a month of free parking to lure consumers to come to our community and shop locally,” she said.

She noted that last weekend’s Small Business Saturday failed to generate increased citywide consumer spending, in part, due to the closure of the Hoboken PATH station. “We have customers from New York and Jersey City who rely on mass transportation.”

Councilman Russo noted that the loss of parking revenue could be offset by consumer spending by out-of-towners and City residents. “We need to get the message out that Hoboken is open for business. Our business owners have worked hard for the past month and this is a way to reward their efforts and perseverance. Our unique shops and restaurants are the economic backbone of our community,” he said.

The council members will ask their colleagues and the city administration to approve the measure at tonight’s City Council meeting.

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3 years 2 months ago

Dumb, dumb, dumb. How will a car being able to be left on Washington for 23 hours straight help increase business? Do these people realize that by creating turnover in parking spaces by having people pay the meters helps to increase turnover of spots, which makes more parking available?? Free parking would be fine if you had sufficent number of spaces but we don’t. Making them free and not enforcing meter limits will reduce the number of spaces for consumers. If you want to make the parking garages free…thats another story. Also if you are worried about the lost business… Read more »

3 years 2 months ago

It is discusting to see that this is how the city decided to make up their lost money during hurricane Sandy. This is not only insuting to me, who has lost everything during the hurricane, buy also sad and horrifying that not only I am staring from scratch I fear of getting a boot on my car. This is the last useless expense I need. Prior to Sandy, parking was relaxed and people felt more comfortable. Now all of a sudden, I have seen 4 boots yesterday and so far 3 today. Wow, seriously! Where is your dignity! People are… Read more »

9th Street
3 years 2 months ago

Sure it would work, but also make parking in city garages free during business hours too.

And maybe even extend into January, so people can return the overpriced crap they foolishly bought. 😉

3 years 2 months ago

How about they worry more about fixing the general problem with parking. I knew of the parking situation in Hoboken prior to buying a home here, but it’s a shame that as a resident it’s difficult to find free on-street parking in my own town.

How about building municipal parking garages on areas that are already open-air parking lots. Such as the parking lot behind the Monroe Center (between 7th and 8th on Monroe Street) or the Shoprite parking lot.

3 years 2 months ago

This won’t do anything. People don’t go online to a city website to see if there might be free parking to save themselves $1.50 as a determining factor to actually going to that town. The biggest factor here is the lack of PATH train service, not parking.

3 years 2 months ago

Cheaper parking = more cars looking to park. Is that really a good idea? Do we have so much extra parking space that we can give it away for free?

More cars from out of town = more dangerous streets. Hoboken is a very difficult place to drive around in. Mostly because cars huddle up against the intersection (illegally) because…

there’s not enough parking.