Letter: Hoboken Management company freezing us out post-Sandy

Below is an interesting story from a resident on the west side of town – whose property management company is allegedly holding back on repairs until tenants pay – rather than making the work priority, and waiting on reimbursement from the insurance company:

“I currently live near 7th & Jefferson and our furnace and hot water heater was damaged because of Hurricane Sandy. We have been without heat since the storm.

Our furnace heats our building and the one next door, I believe there are 11 units in all.

Our management company (Sacci Management) decided they wanted to charge each unit $1,000 each then install the new heat and hot water heater instead of fronting the money and waiting for the insurance check. Sacci Management company already has the new furnace and water heater ready to be installed but they refuse to because they haven’t received all of the checks from the owners of the condos.

Can they legally do this? Today is day 30 without heat. I just found this out today and have contacted the city of Hoboken.”

Do you think that’s right for a condo management company to play around like that?