(Reborn!) Coming soon to Hoboken, NJ: House of ‘Que (BBQ)

Two years ago, the owners of Village Pourhouse and Little Town NJ wanted to bring their next original restaurant concept to Hoboken – House of ‘Que. That was supposed to happen in the SkyClub, but plans fell through (it’s now Brassiere De Paris).

For a while there, it seemed off the table. But we’re in luck!

Now that 3 Forty Grill is gone – they’ve decided to take over that space and will be open as House of ‘Que come spring 2015.

Yum. Tasty fall-off-the-bone BBQ and great NYC views. Can’t wait!

House of Que BBQ Hoboken NJ 340 Grill

Description: Authentic BBQ bar & restaurant
Address: 340 Sinatra Drive, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Online: houseofque.com
Phone: TBD

House of ‘Que – Hoboken, NJ



Here’s some good news – and perhaps a tenant that will finally have staying power over at The Skyclub building in the SW corner of Hoboken.

After West End Station lasted only a few months, and Sammy’s Roadhouse not much longer, the talented and successful crew of Village Pourhouse and the upcoming Little Town New Jersey are taking a crack at putting a “go to” Hoboken restaurant in this space.

House of ‘Que aims to be the best Barbecue you’ll ever have. And from what I’m hearing about the effort the owners are putting into this endeavor – you will not be disappointed. Cannot wait! Let’s hope their quality is enough to get people flocking to this corner of town.

More to come as we get closer to opening! (mouth watering…)