Letter: Dangerous conditions at midtown Hoboken parking garage

One Hoboken411 reader wanted to let everyone know that there are many dangerous conditions at the city parking garage at 4th and Clinton:

“Firstly, I park in a reserved $285.00 spot on Grand and 3rd in the “private section” of the garage. It was damaged during Hurricane Sandy.

Here’s my dilemma: I have had to park in one of the upper floors since the storm hit which are only $185.00 dollar spots. I have repeatedly called the garage and Propark who completely mismanages the garage to begin with to ask for a credit because if I park in a $185 spot why pay $285?

A rude woman at the main office said “it’s open and I can park in the $285 spot no refunds, sorry!” Well I must tell you against my better judgment, I went and parked back in my old spot in private section.

The garage door doesnt work, it’s filthy, locks broken for months on end before the storm, dead animals strewn about, garbage everywhere and very dangerous as the lights are off as of 7:30am Sunday Nov 25th. A perfect place for rapists, muggers and their cohorts. Not to mention now it is so dark in there I cant even find my car by light of a cell phone. Garage is very unhelpful and wont even answer phone.

Can you can find my car?”