Why would Hoboken tow on Thanksgiving weekend?

Hoboken411 reader Sarah brought up a very good point.

With extensive travel from residents this weekend, you’d think that the “Temporary Police Regulation” signs would be relaxed, as many folks will not be around to move their cars, etc. But there are blocks and blocks of signs around town that will undoubtedly lead to more money being stuffed into city coffers. She says:

“I noticed yesterday there were “No parking, tow away” signs put up all over Monroe, Jackson, and Harrison Streets for this coming Saturday, November 24th, from 9 am to 4 pm. With that being said, many people have gone out of town and will be ticketed and/or towed on Saturday. Why of all the weekends would they choose the weekend after Thanksgiving? I understand the City is trying to clean-up, but they chose the wrong time!”

Do you think this is right, despite Hurricane Sandy being a shade under a month ago?