Michelangela reincarnated as Xmas pop up store in Hoboken

A photo update to this story that published earlier today. Michelangela, which recently closed on Washington Street months ago, had some foresight to hold on to the Christmas supplies (tons of stuff including like 9,000+ ornaments). Owner Heidi secured this spot at 10th & Washington, and has everything you need to make your holiday festive and cheery.

She’ll be open on Black Friday till 11pm with a $20 shopping bonus for every $100 spent, and till 9pm every day until Christmas Eve. See gallery below for some great examples of what’s for sale. Ho, ho, ho!

Xmas decoration pop-up store at 10th & Washington in Hoboken

(Temporarily) taking the empty space left behind by Rup Day Spa (who renamed themselves Hoboken Wellness Spa and moved to 450 7th Street recently) – is a new Christmas decoration pop-up store.

Lights, ornaments and all that festive Christian Jazz…

Description: Christmas holiday decorations and other stuff.
Address: 69 10th Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Online: TBD