What will be open in Hoboken, NJ on Thanksgiving?

Normally, it’s to be expected that most, if not all places in Hoboken will be closed for business on Thanksgiving (give or take a couple Asian restaurants).

In years past – a bar or two have opened up later in the night (I recall Shannon and Nag’s Head), but in general – Hoboken is a virtual ghost town.

However, this year – Hurricane Sandy altered the plans of many Hoboken residents – and people are looking for somewhere to eat on Thanksgiving (besides Target – which will be open!)

I asked a bunch of places in town – and so far, I haven’t found one restaurant serving food yet. Hotel Victor will open their bar around 6pm, and Anthony David’s is preparing meals for people to pick up, and other businesses like Cugini Kitchen will be open the day before and the day after – but do you know of any restaurants that will be open and serving lunch and dinner on Thanksgiving?