How hard is it to change management companies in Hoboken?

One Hoboken411 reader was already in the process of getting ready to change condo management companies – then the storm hit:

“Hopefully your intelligent readers can offer some sound advice. Prior to hurricane Sandy my condo building had been having issues with our current management company. We were already in the mental process of knowing we needed a change.

Then Sandy hits. Management company loses power (ok understandable), loses phone service, loses internet access. All totally understandable. What is not is that no contacted us to see if we needed anything, no one was in the office nor posted a note with an alternate way of communication.

Even after power restored we got only ONE visit from company after dark a week after the storm.

Everything that has been done to keep the building going was by the owners. Not by the management company we have paid thousands of dollars over the past nine years.

The cops, firemen, contractors all complain about this company. We know its time to change. But change to what. Is there anyone that is happy with their management company or have recommendations.”

Any advice for residents who want to “clean house” and start fresh with a competent building management company?