Letter: Dangerous Hoboken donations free-for-all

Earlier today – there was a massive commotion downtown. Donations that were collected to share with victims of Hurricane Sandy here in Hoboken were just dumped on the sidewalk. Hoboken Police said it was a very precarious situation, and those rummaging through the items as if they were garbage picking were in danger of getting struck by vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed along Observer Highway.

Zimmer botches donations – treats victims like savages

One Hoboken411 reader is disgusted with the way the city handled this situation, treating needy victims of the storm as savages to fend for themselves:

“Mayor Zimmer is unfit for the job. She has the donations dumped on the sidewalk like garbage after residents of Cape May worked hard to collect these items.

Instead of giving Hoboken volunteers a real job (not stapling flyers to our ancient trees) like sorting clothing by size and having them available at the High School Gym for those in need to pick up, Zimmer dumps them and lets people rummage through piles.

People in need already feel degraded, but it is even more degrading to have them scrounge like rats on a filthy sewage-infested sidewalk.

This is where good leadership comes in. If we actually had good leadership, the city would have a recovery plan in place and be organized and that includes treating donations with respect.

Zimmer begs and whines for help and donations, people give in abundance and then the Cape May folks drove truckloads up here and then Zimmer says we have too much so she dumps it on the sidewalk? I think she planned on having it hauled to the dump and now she’s trying to cover by saying it’s for anyone to take. She was caught being wasteful, destructive, and uncaring.

Why didn’t she have volunteers take it to the HHA Community Center at 221 Jackson and have volunteers sort the clothing by size and gender and allow the most needy residents to pick items out in a clean, safe environment?

It’s not Zimmer’s decision to say when people don’t need donations of clothing. What an elitist idiot!

This chaos is exactly how Zimmer handles taxpayer monies, spending, spending, spending, a string of broken promises, and no end in sight. And she expects people to give a monetary donation? What, so she can put more friends on the payroll?”