Hoboken ShopRite will reopen to public on February 9th

Relief is on the way for weary supermarket shoppers! The Hoboken ShopRite is planning on reopening on February 9th, 2013.

In addition to a fully remodeled store, they’ll also feature an expanded alcohol section, eat-in dining area as well as section for the latest trend of “gluten-free” products. They’ve also added some flood-mitigation measures to help limit devastation from future storms (which they probably should have done the first time).

Expect your typical political photo-op ribbon-cutting, but be cheerful business will be back to normal again after Hurricane Sandy.

ShopRite in Hoboken NJ to reopen after Hurricane Sandy

Hoboken ShopRite on the ropes after Hurricane Sandy


Buzz on the street about the Hoboken ShopRite after Hurricane Sandy – has ranged from “six months to repair” all the way to “condemned, must re-build.”

If I were the property owner here – I’d rebuild. Build a ground-floor parking deck underneath (sort of like the Home Depot in Jersey City), with escalators, stairs and elevators. Much easier to replace a few people-movers than it is an entire store.

Make sense?