Uplifting video after Hurricane Sandy: “It’s Hoboken” by Ryan Shibley

Late this past summer, Hoboken resident, actor and comedian Ryan Shibley planned and filmed a fun project called “It’s Hoboken,” which is a music video sung to the tune of “Mr. Wendel” – and highlights some of the aspects that make our city so great.

With all the grief and suffering we’ve been soaked in for the past couple weeks with Hurricane Sandy and Snowstorm Athena – this may be the perfect recipe before kicking off this weekend.


Ryan had this to say about it:

“The classic music video all about the great aspects of Hoboken, New Jersey has hit the web with great reviews! This music video production combines all costs related to renting out recording studio time to record the song, paying someone to film and edit the music video for me, and purchasing wardrobe (Hoboken T-shirts), props and food for the day of the shoot. I have produced all of our sketches and comedic music videos along with my comedy group, but this project falls all on my shoulders since I’m the driving force behind it.

It is a project that is very dear to my heart and a tribute to everything great about Hoboken.”

You can see more Ryan Shibley on Youtube