Letter: Thank God for the wonderful Hoboken Elks Lodge!

One Hoboken resident wants to remind everyone of the incredible job the Hoboken Elks Lodge has been doing since Hurricane Sandy. All without any egotistical self-promotion. Big hat tip to everyone involved!

Hoboken Elks brings community together after Hurricane Sandy

“I want to mention the Hoboken Elks has been doing incredible things this week.

Since last Tuesday, they have given out thousands of meals to Hoboken residents affected by Hurricane Sandy.

This have given from their own supply as well as in kind donations from many local restaurants and others as well as the National Guard and Red Cross. They have prepared hot meals for anyone walking
into the Elks from 11am – 9pm every day since Wednesday. They have also prepared food for the shelter at Wallace School.

The outpouring has really been special. Our community is coming together. So many others, like us, have also donated ice and other supplies to assist during this tremendously sad and difficult time.

My wife is also an Elk, and has assisted like so many others, anonymously, for many days. Notably, the chef who has cooked endlessly for hours and hours every day preparing delicious food from the goodness of his heart.”