Photo Parodies: Eli Manning Looking at Things

As some of you may have seen – the photo-heavy UK website The Daily Mail published astonishing photos of Hoboken and the Hurricane Sandy flooding aftermath and recovery.

Included in those photos was a “dejected-looking” Eli Manning (who lives in the Hudson Tea Building) taking a pic of the flooded lobby after Hurricane Sandy.

But someone decided to have fun with that image and create a Tumblr Blog called Eli Manning Looking at Things.

They played with this rather pedestrian photo of Eli Manning, but in all sorts of situations!

While it sounds like people with a lot of time on their hands, some photos are quite funny, and others might even be NSFW!

What would Eli Manning look at in Hoboken, NJ?

I decided to have some fun with this myself. What do you think the best things Eli Manning could look at in Hoboken are?

I personally think he’d make a great field reporter for Hoboken411 if his knees or arms ever gave out. See gallery below of what it’d look like here in town… (sort of like a “Where’s Waldo!”) Feel free to send yours in to!

Have fun!