Photos: Crazy flooding in Hoboken, NJ from Hurricane Sandy

6pm Update: Power coming back in various areas around Hoboken including Bloomfield, Garden, Willow, Adams and Hudson. Lots of alarms, and elevator issues though. Be careful!

A new updated photo gallery of the destructive flooding that took place during Hurricane Sandy earlier in the week. A few points to ponder, though:

  • What will happen with personal transportation? Not just in Hoboken, but in the general path of destruction that Sandy left behind. How many cars do you think were destroyed? 1,000 in Hoboken alone? 100k, 250k or more area-wide? There are not enough rental cars to go around – and I doubt anyone would buy a used car that may have very well been compromised as well. The new car inventory probably will not be able to meet demand.
  • And it seems like NYC will be back online way before Hoboken. Nearby cities are already getting power back, but PSE&G is dropping numbers like 7-10 days for Hoboken? Our Mayor Zimmer seems to lack any political clout. I find those numbers unacceptable despite the explanations. We need power up by the weekend, and the personnel on hand to make it happen. Hoboken was hit really hard – and should be a top priority.