Community comes together after Sandy in Hoboken, NJ

Hoboken411 reader Chris shares some good and bad events that took place in wake of Hurricane Sandy in Hoboken.

“To get out of my apartment, I walked around to see what was going on with our community. One shot from the corner of 11th & Bloomfield, you can see generous neighbors set up free charging stations so people without power can get back online with their mobile devices.

Others I walked by, people set up free coffee and tea stands, along with bowls of candy for the kids.”

“It looks like one big block party and I think it’s great how it symbolizes the “feeling of community” within Hoboken.” (411 note: I applaud when residents voluntarily offer charging stations – as opposed to those who steal electricity without permission…)

Chris continues…

“On Washington, Amanda’s Restaurant was giving out free food. I didn’t get any but it looked like “spaghetti sandwiches.” What nice people they are!”

Taking advantage of the community in Hoboken?

“On the other side of this, I went to Molfetta Pizzeria to order a large garlic pie. The lady rang me up as $18. I asked her again, how much? Because on Sunday night before the storm, I ordered the same thing which was only $14.50. Now I realize this is only a difference of a few dollars which is nothing to me, but I was more irked by this on principle.”

“You have Amanda’s down the block giving out free food and Molfetta is price gouging customers (repeat customers, mind you). The line was an hour long for Molfetta, and they jacked up their prices. I just can’t believe it was true.

Just wanted to share my disappointment, but also the kindness of others in our community.