Supplies needed in Hoboken; City NOT prepared

The following is a letter we received from Hoboken411 reader Amy – who wants to let everyone know about the some requests for supplies – as well as some poor planning and ill-timed decisions the city made prior to Hurricane Sandy devastating the area.

Letter: 100% prepared? Not true, Mayor Zimmer!

“I had to leave Hoboken and I’m staying with my sister in the city, where they have power. I’m watching the news coverage and interviews with the mayor and thought I’d let you know what’s going on.

Mayor Zimmer is asking for any supplies that can be spared (water, food, etc) to be taken to city hall. They’re evacuating people and opening shelters as fast as they can.

Mayor Zimmer is also saying they took action “as soon as they knew” about this storm. I just wanted to call this to your attention because I find this is not true.

I called the Hoboken Parking Utility several times on Friday to find out if they were opening the garages like they did with Irene. Two people hung up on me. I had to go downtown later that afternoon, so I actually went to City Hall and the Parking Utility. They still didn’t know what they were doing about parking or anything else for the storm. I was simply told to go to the city web site for information.

A notice went out just after noon Sunday telling people evacuations were not mandatory but if you were in a basement or low lying area, you may want to “voluntarily” leave. The first alert about mandatory evacuation of basement apartments came in at 5:30pm Sunday - just an hour and a half before public transportation started shutting down in the NYC. If anyone needed to get someplace in the city, they were basically out of luck. It seems the only thing Hoboken did from there was issue curfews, which were completely ignored.

I just wanted to let you know about the supply request in case you have internet access and want to post it. I also wanted to let you the Mayor is making it sound like they were 100% ready for this storm, which I think is blatantly not true based on what I saw and experienced.

For what it’s worth….