Sandy: Evacuate or stay?

Will you stay in Hoboken when Hurricane Sandy arrives?

As most of you know – the big talk all over the area is the possibility of a life-disrupting event caused by Hurricane Sandy.

While its fairly certain this storm won’t topple entire homes the way Hurricane Andrew did back in 1992, but damage from flooding and downed trees plus extreme inconveniences such as power outages or being trapped by flooded areas are a serious concern.

That said – would you evacuate?

One of the forecasting models indicates a solid 5 foot or higher storm surge (click to see animation). That plus any rain we get and the timing of high tide could create some sticky situations where roads and sidewalks can become impassable and dangerous.

But remember – if you leave town – you may also be blocked from getting back in – so consider that decision carefully. Protect your turf? Or head for the hills?

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  1. iforgotmymantra says:

    It’s a tough call. I think Sandy could be worse then Irene due to the surge and the full moon, but I am leaning towards staying. Last year it took me five hours to get back into town after Irene (roads flooded, closed, etc.).

  2. Adam_C says:

    No way I’m leaving! And I bet after all this hype the storm won’t be so bad.

  3. yourbrainondrugs says:

    If Zimmer orders the bars to close at 8:00 like last year I am out of here ❗

  4. schwab says:

    Not going to chance it. If the flooding gets as bad as they say, Hoboken will be under water.

  5. whineanddineinhob says:

    I’m staying. And EVERYONE here (those with whom I agree, and those with whom I had differences) will be in my thoughts and prayers during these trying times. Be careful of youselves and mindful of your neighbors.

  6. YipYap says:

    8 ft storm surge Monday night during high tide with a full moon.

    Back of town will see in excess of 8 ft of water in places?

    • joey maxim says:

      yip and yap fear not the omi with no experience will deal with the problem..forget the
      bars,concern with the deluge on the west side..hey no need for the 67 or so firefighters
      and 21 supervisors…so many condos and bldgs will suffer on the west side,,full moon
      and the payback is a bitch..we plan and God or a higher power blocks..pray for the
      winds to shift..the other way..bellow sea level sucks..[quote comment=”217727″]8 ft storm surge Monday night during high tide with a full moon.Back of town will see in excess of 8 ft of water in places?[/quote]

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