Daily fire calls to Stevens in Hoboken – time for their own FD?

Several Hoboken411 readers have made a strong case that it’s time for Stevens Institute to get their own on-campus fire department.


Stevens is the No. 1 most visited location for Hoboken Fire Dept.

Well for starters – the Hoboken Fire Department responds up there with lights and sirens blasting at least once per day, often times several times daily especially when school is in session.

Additionally, Stevens had announced plans to expand by 60% and add close to 1,600 new students and faculty, along with several large buildings over the next few years. Imagine how many calls will take place then?

Perhaps NOW is the best time to start talking to school officials about including a fully self-sufficient fire department for their campus. Of course, we’d also ask them to serve as backup to Hoboken in case of a multi-alarm fire.

To have fire engines scream across town disturbing residents so frequently is a quality of life issue that could easily be remedied with some out-of-the-box thinking. Then again, they are an engineering school… maybe they can figure out a way to make fool-proof smoke detectors?