Dog Park Rocks

Leo Pellegrini asks dog owners: What surface at Elysian Park?

As we told you recently – our local NJ Assemblyman Ruben Ramos scored some big bucks for an upgrade at Elysian Park in Hoboken.

And it seems like someone’s on the ball over at City Hall – and that’s Director Leo Pellegrini – who actually put up signs over at the dog run, asking residents to “vote by text” which surface they’d prefer. A nice (albeit impersonal) way to get feedback from residents.

What kind of dog run surface do you prefer?

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I’d be a bit concerned that they had to mention “privacy,” though – and “promise” they’d never use the number again. If you start getting strange political calls – you probably got on some list. I wouldn’t put it past anyone these days – so use caution if you value your privacy.

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2 Comments on "Dog Park Rocks"

3 years 7 months ago

Craig is absolutely right. This choice of worse options is s zimmerer scheme to say sheade the decidion to save the city thousands because no one responded. Then the city will hang further signs saying dogs are a health risk when she made the decizion not to use the most sanitary material means.

3 years 8 months ago
The best answer is “none of the above”. They don’t even offer the option of the best solution, which is a product called “K9Grass”. It’s an artificial surface that closely mimics grass, but requires no maintenance and is very durable. It’s all-season, has an antimicrobial agent in the blades, and a draining feature, which allows pet waste to drain easily. Its downside is that it’s expensive. But it ends up being cheaper in the long-run because you don’t have to do anything to maintain it and it’ll last for years. This product really is the best posible solution, as many… Read more »