Can you move in Hoboken with a charity getting in the way?

One trend I’ve noticed surging rapidly is CHARITY BASED EVENTS.

Seems like every event, gathering, social meetup is a fundraiser for some large charity organization - especially 5K runs now. We have like 20 5k runs a year here in Hoboken and not one is just plain running!

Beware of charities!

OK, before you think I’m some insensitive person who wants the world to suffer, understand that there is a difference between real charity and these bloated mega-charities. And I also understand that many people have been affected by certain diseases (cancer, MS, and more), and may have lost a loved one. Often times they become attached to the charity “in the name of” the one the lost. It sounds nice on paper, but I just don’t think the monies raised do more than make the person feel good about trying to make a change – rather than actually implementing real change.

Big charities are probably gaining steam these days because of the tax loopholes in them. As you might have recently read about how Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti charity collapsed amid scandal.

Even in Hoboken – everything is now a fundraiser. WTF? Especially that Hoboken Charter School fire. They had insurance – why so many fundraisers?

There is so much overhead, waste and greed as the charities get bigger and more frequent – that they often lose scope of what it means to be charitable. It’s been said that places like the American Cancer Society are such bloated organizations, that only pennies per dollar donated go to actual “research,” and that’s even stretching it.

Everywhere I go, someone wants you to donate. Pets, kids, environment, old people, foreign people, birds, and more.

If every person in this country treated family, friends and neighbors as their sole charities they helped – I think the entire country would be better off. However, “community” isn’t what it used to be now that everyone is spread out, constantly traveling or immersed in self to notice what is right in front of their eyes.