Bikes can block fire zones in Hoboken

Hoboken fire zone blocked: By bicycles

Well for one thing – city officials in town definitely read the story we published earlier this month – Bikers are a minority in Hoboken – because shortly thereafter, they scrambled to install more bike racks outside Texas Arizona here.

This spot is a FIRE ZONE. What makes a barrier and bikes any different than cars parking there? Now if there’s some kind of fire – and a fireman tears the hose on a bike sprocket, or gets injured fumbling through these bikes – who will pay the price?

If cars can’t park there – What makes it OK for bikes?

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  1. spiffy says:

    I didn’t see these bike racks

  2. NJDiver says:

    I’m not sure what happened, but as of Sunday afternoon, all but one of these racks is gone.

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