How important is Hoboken Charter School Fundraising?

One Hoboken411 reader is a parent in town, and has submitted a letter expressing some concern over the Hoboken Charter School fundraisers after a fire devasted their school back in September.

They have chosen to be anonymous since their viewpoints will likely be considered “unpopular” with many other parents in town.

Letter: Hoboken Charter School – GET OFF MY BACK!

“I would suspect that most parents of young school kids in Hoboken would never say anything publicly about all these fundraisers, but I am getting ticked off by the constant panhandling to “Rebuild the Hoboken Charter School.”

The barrage of emails and begging never ceases!

As a proud parent of kids who pays over five figures per kid per year, I am a bit turned off by them expecting everyone else to pony up money for their inconvenience.

Shouldn’t the parents of the kids who work for big financial firms on Wall Street, who make tons a lot of money kick in since their kids go to school for free and they are not means tested at all?

I mean they win a “lottery” and they get 300k to 500K in “free” schooling for 9-13 years and we are suppose to feel bad?

The school found an alternate location in Jersey City, and they should be lucky they found a place and that their kids were not killed during the fire.

How entitled are these people?

Have you ever thought about why the fundraisers are even held at venues like the W Hotel, with lavish appointments and high end wine from Sparrow? Why not a more economical location like the Elks Lodge?

Most of the money raised will go towards event overhead, not charity! Sounds like every other sham charity in existence! Do they not realize that charity is a lot more than a fancy event? Where is the economic sensibility? Or do they only care about a party where they can compare notes about who has the most expensive stroller? Sickening and phony!

And what do they mean “Rebuild?” They were renting the space they’re in. I know this is a potentially sensitive topic for the community and it might alienate residents if you express yourself this way because it deals with “kids,” but I am growing tired of it. They were temporarily displaced until perhaps next school year. I assume they have insurance to cover the cost of what was lost so where will all this money go exactly? They will raise a lot out of guilt but I would like to see the accounting…”

Hoboken411 Note: This letter does not necessarily represent the views of this website, but was published to shine light on opinions of members of the Hoboken community.