Little Town NJ Chef Competition

Little Town New Jersey in Hoboken gets help from Manzo Brothers

Hoboken411 first told you in great detail back in August – that Little Town New Jersey is coming to the former Quay’s location at 310 Sinatra Drive. A Garden State themed restaurant! We even took a three-day trip all across NJ to find inspiration and great suppliers (See recaps here: day 1, day 2, day 3.)

And the Manzo Brothers, Albie Manzo and Chris Manzo are part owners of Little Town New Jersey – and announced a Chef Competition to find the new head chef.

You think you can cook? Read below on how you can enter! (Deadline October 19th).

Manzo Bros. host Hoboken Chef Competition for Little Town New Jersey

Real Housewives of New Jersey Manzo Brothers along with owners of Little Town NY, Michael Sinensky and Sean McGarr search for local New Jersey chef for new restaurant

Stars of Bravo’s hit reality show “Real Housewives of New Jersey and recently “Dining Out with the Manzos,” a web series created by Dining Out New Jersey Magazine, Albie and Chris Manzo are using their extensive restaurant background and expertise to co-host a competition to find an executive chef for Little Town New Jersey.

As previously announced on Hoboken411, the Manzo brothers are partnering with Michael Sinensky and Sean McGarr, owners of the acclaimed Village Pourhouse, SideBAR, Hudson Terrace, Little Town NY Union Square and Little Town NY Restaurant Row to open the new restaurant in Hoboken serving locally sourced food and beverages this November.

“We thought it would be exciting to host a competition to find our executive chef,” says Albie Manzo. “We want to find a resident with extensive knowledge of New Jersey cuisine and local resources,” adds Chris Manzo.

The competition will be open to any chef who is a current New Jersey resident and wants to vie for a chance to be hired at the new location. It kicked off Thursday, October 4th – and applicants can submit a resume, bio, head-shot and their favorite “New Jersey Inspired Dish” to

On Friday, October 19th, ten contestants will be selected and announced. The following week, on Wednesday, October 24th, the ten selected chefs will prepare two dishes for a panel of judges, including Albie and Chris Manzo, as well as accomplished Chef Rob Maccue at Little Town NY Union Square. The dishes will be comprised of one item from the restaurant’s menu and the second will be their choice but will require them to include Cricket Hill Beer in the recipe. The judges will then select three finalists.

For the second round, the owners will host a private event on Saturday, November 3rd at Hudson Terrace where the three final contestants will prepare two different appetizers off of the venue’s menu. Guests will then taste each one and vote on their favorite to help make the final decision.

“We think it’s important to get the public involved in the decision making process,” says Michael Sinensky. “We are looking forward to hiring a chef that is hand selected by the locals that make up this great state!”

Little Town New Jersey will be located at 310 Sinatra Drive in Hoboken, and boast a parkside and waterfront dining experience.

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8 Comments on "Little Town NJ Chef Competition"

3 years 4 months ago

Looking forward to it. We needed some improvements on the waterfront.

3 years 4 months ago

My girlfriends and I were looking forward to this place, but now that it’s out there that these boys are involved, I’m not so sure that it won’t just be another Jersey cheese-fest. I don’t see why the owners would let these guys have a say in their chef and menu, if they want to put out legitimately good food. When are these boys going to get a real job and give up on cashing in on some ugly reality show that their mom did?

3 years 4 months ago

They did all their “sourcing” of ingredients before they even had a chef? Now it is going to be a reality show? What sounded like a great idea now sounds like a cheap gimmick. Can’t say I know who the guidos are, one of the perks of cutting the cable cord 7 years ago.

stacy live
3 years 4 months ago

love the manzo brothers! I hope to meet them when the restaurant opens.

3 years 4 months ago

When you have a business, and you want it to succeed, you *promote it. *see the 4 P’s by E. Jerome McCarthy Most restaurants fail. Growing up in one, I can tell you first hand the ups and downs and multiple tales of survival and how that was possible. There are many things you cannot control, even with a great product. But the one thing you do have a finger on the trigger is promotion. If Little Town NJ has an advantage (brand recognition through association), then by all means use it if they feel it promotes. For the poster… Read more »