Hoboken is WAY too busy for a mid-weekday!

There are all sorts of “reports” and “polls” and other ridiculous figures and so-called facts that the mainstream media (MSM) reports on day after day.

I choose to ignore them (especially since I haven’t watched TV for over a year), but the point is – perhaps people should use their own two eyes to come to a particular conclusion about society.

Take this shot below, for instance: A middle of the weekday – at around 10:45am. Why in God’s name are there so many people milling around in Hoboken? Is it Cake Boss remnants? People looking for work? I do not understand!

This was way after the official “summer” vacation ended, and I cannot imagine a family of five coming to Hoboken to spend a week here perusing our array of Irish pubs and dart nights. Something ain’t right!