Can you believe economic “figures?”

Hoboken is WAY too busy for a mid-weekday!

There are all sorts of “reports” and “polls” and other ridiculous figures and so-called facts that the mainstream media (MSM) reports on day after day.

I choose to ignore them (especially since I haven’t watched TV for over a year), but the point is – perhaps people should use their own two eyes to come to a particular conclusion about society.

Take this shot below, for instance: A middle of the weekday – at around 10:45am. Why in God’s name are there so many people milling around in Hoboken? Is it Cake Boss remnants? People looking for work? I do not understand!

This was way after the official “summer” vacation ended, and I cannot imagine a family of five coming to Hoboken to spend a week here perusing our array of Irish pubs and dart nights. Something ain’t right!

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4 Comments on "Can you believe economic “figures?”"

3 years 4 months ago

Hoboken represents the rest of the country just a little better than Great Adventure does.

rich k
3 years 4 months ago

Columbus Day? Or is that what you were hoping I’d say?

3 years 4 months ago

While I would agree that the economy is on much better footing than the media would have you believe, taking any tiny sample and making assumptions about the entire nation is kind of ridiculous.