Seeking Arrangement says Hoboken men 8th horniest in USA

A recent study conducted by the New York Post claims that the majority of men, 67%, only join dating websites to “get laid.” But does that apply to every man? The world’s largest Sugar Daddy Dating website, puts that theory to test by polling its male members to find out exactly how many wealthy men are logging on just to hook up, and how much sex they are actually having.

The results show that some cities have a higher rate of promiscuity among men than others including Chicago, Birmingham and Las Vegas.

Study Shows Top Promiscuous American Cities: Hoboken at No. 8, the world’s largest Sugar Daddy dating website, reveals its list of the “most promiscuous” cities in America, today. While most Sugar Daddies reportedly have only 2 to 4 sexual partners annually, 38% claim to have more than 7 partners per year, that percentage being significantly higher in cities such as Chicago, Birmingham and Las Vegas.

5,000 of’s 1.7 million members were polled, with 52% of men admitting to joining with “sex” as their main motivation. Brandon Wade, MIT graduate and Founder & CEO of, points out that this number is significantly lower than the recent number given by a survey conducted by the New York Post.

“The New York Post found that 67% of all men are joining dating websites to have sex,” says Wade. “But that is simply not true for everyone, just maybe the 99% of society.There is a reason why women get honked at or whistled by construction workers more often than men driving Ferraris or Mercedes. I would imagine that a man who is wealthy is probably having more sex, and better quality sex, than a man without money.”

The website also found that 77% of men who admitted to joining the site with sex on their minds, make less than $150,000 per year. The data varies by city, showing that some cities have higher percentages of promiscuity among men than others. The following cities are ranked based on the percentage of Sugar Daddies who reported having more than 7 sexual partners per year.

Cities With The Most Promiscuous Men in America

  1. Chicago, Illinois 72%
  2. Birmingham, Alabama 70%
  3. Las Vegas, Nevada 68%
  4. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 64%
  5. Atlanta, Georgia 62%
  6. Phoenix, Arizona 61%
  7. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 59%
  8. Hoboken, New Jersey 57%
  9. Richmond, Virginia 55%
  10. Hartford, Connecticut 54%

Surprisingly, both New York City and San Francisco are two of the least promiscuous cities with less than 15%.