2012 Presidential Debate Prep – MSM alternatives

Has the mainstream media (MSM) ever been completely honest and trustworthy with the information they disseminate to the masses?

I’m not so sure there was ever a time like that, but judging by what is happening here in 2012 – it seems like the MSM is trying harder than ever to “shape” public opinion, than they are “reporting” what is actually happening in the world.

With that being said, and I hope that most of you can see through the BS game that the “big networks” are playing in regards to domestic and international issues.

And I’m not going to get into the various endgame scenarios that are possible, but rather suggest some reading material to peruse prior to the various Presidential debates scheduled for this month.

Most of the stories you’ll read on these sites will not be covered in the MSM.

Recommended Reading

  • Newsbusters.org – They are diligent in uncovering the slanted reporting from the liberal media, and post several dozen stories daily. A must read.
  • Zerohedge.com – Mainly financial, but they shine light on many global economic issues – as well as domestic and foreign policy.
  • The Ulsterman Report – A very interesting political site, with supposed “insider” information. Apparently a lot of the stuff they published in the past – saw the light of day a year later… you’d have to read back into the archives to get up to speed.
  • Drudge Report – Most of you probably know about this, or have the app. But they do a great job aggregating the headlines – as well as frequently publish OLD stories that may contradict what certain individuals have recently said. A quick and easy way to get a pulse on what’s going on in the world.

It’s kind of concerning when it becomes very hard to trust the messages out there, and frustrating to think about how many people in this country actually take it at face value. Here’s an interesting speech given last month by Patrick Caddell, a former Democratic Pollster – who says that Mainstream media is threatening our country’s future:”

2012 Presidential Debate Schedule

  1. October 3rd @ 9pm (Presidential – topic: Domestic Policy)
  2. October 11th @ 9pm (Vice Presidential – topic: Domestic and Foreign Policy)
  3. October 16th @ 9pm (Presidential “Town Meeting” – topic: Domestic and Foreign Policy)
  4. October 22nd @ 9pm (Presidential – topic: Foreign Policy)

If none of this matters to you – then you might as well get helplessly drunk with other sheeple during the first Presidential debate.