Ever try walking along Vezzetti way in Hoboken?

In case you didn’t know, there is an official street that runs parallel to Observer Highway from Marin Boulevard east to Washington Street, and it’s called Vezzetti Way (named after a former Hoboken Mayor a few decades removed).

Now this “street” doesn’t really serve any purpose other than to house a few parking spots. However, there is a “sidewalk” that drivers utilize to travel to and from their car. And Jesus, is it precarious!

I’m surprised that some kind of deadly accident hasn’t taken place yet… the sidewalk is so narrow, ridiculously close to a high-speed road, and there are so many signs planted that you’re constantly moving in and out. I hope that no one gets a limb removed from a bus or truck that veers a bit too much to the right.

Wonder if there’s any way to improve this situation, perhaps with barriers? (And without the towering high-density redevelopment both NJ Transit and Hoboken City Hall are suggesting…)