A year and a half – 11%+ parking rate increase in Hoboken

18 months ago, we talked about how parking garages all seemingly raised their monthly rates simultaneously – as if they were in a “parking cartel” in cahoots with one another.

Well – it seems that the Little Man Garage on Hudson Street went up over 11% recently. Did your salary go up 11%?

Garage rate increases Hoboken NJ

Steep increases at Hoboken Parking Garages

September 2012:

Several of the garages in Hoboken simultaneously increased monthly prices between $240 and $300 per year (Little Man Parking and ProPark are two of them that I found out about recently).

Exactly what overhead do these parking garages even have? It’s not like fuel or food costs affect them. Do they simply know that parking sucks in Hoboken, and they can get away with it?

Additionally, I find it a bit suspicious that the increases came nearly at the same time – as if they’re working together to coordinate.

How much do you pay for your parking spot?