Broad daylight car theives!

Autos brazenly stolen at Hoboken Car Wash

Wow – you know you have a problem when cars can easily get stolen in broad daylight – with you just steps away!

Hoboken411 reader Joe shares something all residents who get their cars washed here in town should know:

“I was having my car washed at Hoboken Car Wash on Observer Hwy yesterday and when I went inside to pay after they started vacuuming the car, somehow someone jumped in my car and drove off!!

Unfortunately, nobody saw anything and their cameras are broken.

Believe it or not, this is the second time this has happened there. Please alert you readers to stay with their vehicle until it is driven into the washer.”

Incredible. You’d think that after the first theft – they would have gotten their security system in order. Now, on top of the slippery sidewalks outside Hoboken Car Wash, you have something entirely else to worry about at this establishment. Get your act together, guys!

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  1. HomeTeam says:

    💡 On the plus side, now, if the car thief fails to make the left into JC, Ian’s patented “Madison St Slow Down” bollard jungle will render the thief’s escape from Hoboken virtually impossible.

  2. LobstaGirl says:

    Hmmm, you wonder if they are in on the scheme, maybe the Police should look into that? But I am sure they check out all their employees so there is no problem at all. Bigger tip next time?

  3. homeworld says:

    Why are these businesses allowed to use the sidewalks? Riverfront Carwash is even worse, and takes over a lane of traffic to dry cars.

  4. homeworld says:

    How many auto-theftless days have there been so far in 2013 in Hoboken?

    • hoboken411 says:

      It seems like at least one a day – maybe more… Although I thing the string of carjackings were in late 2012… today’s Infiniti that was stolen at 12th & Willow was once again an idiot who “left the car double parked while he brought in groceries.”

      Laziness with car = more effort by foot later when you have no car!
      (plus the added paperwork, insurance and hassle with cops & reports)[quote comment=”218985″]How many auto-theftless days have there been so far in 2013 in Hoboken?

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